Food Inc. | Active Voice

I just finished watching Food Inc. directed by Robert Keneer which is a documentary that deals with the capitalist food industry and how much control they have over the food we eat, not just in fast food but as well as food we buy from our super markets. The film has gained quite a popular response since its debut in 2008 and continues to reach the minds of consumers.

Social media & networking helped a great deal with getting both the movie and the message of Food Inc. out to the public, with their partnership/collaboration with Active Voice. Active Voice helps out non profit grass roots mediamakers, advocates, and funders get their message out by putting on events, social media networking, and viral distribution. Here is a statement from their About Us portion of their website that clearly states what they do:

“Active Voice uses film, television and multimedia to spark social change from grassroots to grass tops. Our team of strategic communications specialists works with mediamakers, funders, advocates and thought leaders to put a human face on the issues of our times. We frame and beta-test key messages, develop national and local partnerships, plan and execute high profile, outcome-oriented events, repurpose digital content for web and viral distribution, produce ancillary and educational resources, and consult with industry and sector leaders. Since our inception in 2001, Active Voice has built a diverse portfolio of story-based campaigns focusing on issues including immigration, criminal justice, healthcare and sustainability.”

So what Active Voice did for Food Inc. was help them with a campaign called Ingredients for Change which highlighted Food Inc.’s overall message of the food industry.  The Ingredients for Change Campaign (IFC Campaign)  uses the Food Inc. movie as a platform to help the American public see what really goes into their foods,  from seed to supermarket. Over at the Active Voice website there is a list of publicized movies that are/have collaborated with. With regards to Food Inc. they attached a planning toolkit and a community action guide  for organizing public hearings and events that have to due with the concerns of what we eat, where we eat and shop for food.

Basically Active Voice had made an entire portfolio and instructions with determining your goals/needs and how to achieve them in the most efficient and effective ways. This pertains not just to Food Inc. but with every grass root org. they take on.

Please visit Active Voice and discover something you may not have thought mattered to you. You will be surprised what impacts your everyday life. And be sure to check out Food Inc. if you have not already, because your health matters and knowledge is power.