ODDSAC | rediscovering gems

I am still currently and have been obsessed with Animal Collective since their earlier albums such as  Danse Manatee and Sung Tongs had been released for a little while.

One of their newest additions to their discography is an audio/visual album that was released last year called ODDSAC.

It has to be one of the most interesting pieces to watch visually, and aurally incredible.

Seeing ODDSAC on the big screen a couple times became more of a journey then just watching a weird fucked up confusing film. It completely entraps you and you get stuck for what feels like an eternity.

The music is glorious in the sense that it has very strong themes and moods dating back to their earlier roots where they were a lot more noisy and experimental, like their album Here Comes the Indian. I highly recommend buying this piece of art and getting into them.

I recently saw then live in Santa Cruz over at the Catalyst Club. Will follow up with some photos and sound from the show.

trailer below:

live at 2011 Coachella :