Twin Peaks | past the point of feeling weird

If you or anyone you know is into even the slightest bit of weird movies or television shows, you have more than likely either watched David Lynch’s Twin Peaks or own the DVD box set collection.

In 1990 David Lynch along side with Mark Frost released a new type of television mystery drama. Twin Peaks was released when I was still only a child, and I wasn’t at the mental state to  watch such a show or even be able to stand its awkward depiction of mountaineer 1990’s clothing and stylistic capturing of what references spanish soap operas. Granted it isn’t that dramatic, but it is a little over the top.

David Lynch being who he is, shit got weird. And I mean really weird. Watching now with a different understanding of not just movies and telelviosn shows, but the way the characters are portrayed makes a lot more sense now. Twin Peaks is a period piece, no questions asked. But it was a period piece about the current period it was being filmed in.

I have seen the entire saga, seasons 1 & 2, more times than I can count. It will suck you from the very first episode and leave you scrambling for the disc number 8 from the box set.

The plot starts with the finding of a dead high school student Laura Palmer. From there special agent Dale Cooper comes into town and tries to figure out the mystery. The only thing is that the mystery is bigger than the universe itself.

The musical score by Angelo Badalamenti is phenomenal. Very dreamlike waves of sound that embrace what is going on. Long slow but gradual climbs of tension and anticipation make the series what it is. Not to mention backwards talking midgets, the Log Lady, or deep space contact.

If I could have one wish that involves specifically bringing back any t.v. series, it would have to be Twin Peaks. There is nothing quite like this show, except for maybe a few other films by David Lynch such as Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive .

Be sure to check our David Lynch’s website. It is pretty nice interactive setup with awesome music and videos to tickle the strange. Oh, he also has a coffee you can buy here.

Stay tuned for more David Lynch reviews and updates.

Epic introduction to the episodes.

From the pilot episode.