Xavier Dolan || “HEARTBEATS”

If you don’t know Xavier Dolan then  you should, especially if you are in the film industry. At age 22, Dolan already has two major films that have premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2009 with his film I Killed My Mother and in 2010 with his latest feature Heartbeats

Dolan started out as a child actor and soon built his own ladder to climb with his two recent films as the writer, directer and lead actor.

Dolan has more than just a unique way of storytelling. He makes it very personal and deep with subject matters relating to being gay and queer culture. The portrayal of such characters especially in his latest film  Heartbeats, involves himself, his best friend and a new lover that makes the three of them a triangle of a hot mess, or is it all in his head?

His stories are great but the visuals take them to a different level of experiencing something different and fresh. Yes! The first time I saw Heartbeats I left the theatre with a feeling of freshness. I felt as if I had been the first person, among others who were there as well, discovering a gem of a movie that kept me in a euphoric love trance.

The cinematography is stunningly beautiful and very “French”; long shots, well composed, as if you were watching a play about life taking place right in front of your eyes (which is what I love the most about movies and especially this one)!

The use of colour palettes throughout give off a very euro feel on top of the wardrobes and set designs, so your visuals senses are heightened to a different type of pleasure.

Comments encouraged if you have seen any of Dolan’s films!

The movie is released on DVD this summer. You can pre-order it via Amazon which I highly recommend.


Vice Palace :: The Last Cockettes Musical

I recently had the honor to go see the latest production by Thrillpeddlers titled Vice Palace: The Last Cockettes Musical.

Vice Palace is based on the 1972 musical revue of There’s Blood On Your Face by Martin Worman which starred the infamous Divine.

It is a two act musical that is based on the Edgar Allen Poe short story The Masque of the Red Death, with a heavy drag influence and outstanding musical numbers.

The show is taking place over at the Hypnodrome Theatre in SOMA of San Francisco CA. I heavily HEAVILY recommend seeing this event before it is gone.

The show runs from April 22 – July 31, 2011. Directed  by Russell Blackwood and Produced by Jim Toczyl & Russell Blackwood.

I want to do a full on review of this show, but I don;t want to spoil it for anyone trying to go see it which should be anyone reading this!


Food Inc. | Active Voice

I just finished watching Food Inc. directed by Robert Keneer which is a documentary that deals with the capitalist food industry and how much control they have over the food we eat, not just in fast food but as well as food we buy from our super markets. The film has gained quite a popular response since its debut in 2008 and continues to reach the minds of consumers.

Social media & networking helped a great deal with getting both the movie and the message of Food Inc. out to the public, with their partnership/collaboration with Active Voice. Active Voice helps out non profit grass roots mediamakers, advocates, and funders get their message out by putting on events, social media networking, and viral distribution. Here is a statement from their About Us portion of their website that clearly states what they do:

“Active Voice uses film, television and multimedia to spark social change from grassroots to grass tops. Our team of strategic communications specialists works with mediamakers, funders, advocates and thought leaders to put a human face on the issues of our times. We frame and beta-test key messages, develop national and local partnerships, plan and execute high profile, outcome-oriented events, repurpose digital content for web and viral distribution, produce ancillary and educational resources, and consult with industry and sector leaders. Since our inception in 2001, Active Voice has built a diverse portfolio of story-based campaigns focusing on issues including immigration, criminal justice, healthcare and sustainability.”

So what Active Voice did for Food Inc. was help them with a campaign called Ingredients for Change which highlighted Food Inc.’s overall message of the food industry.  The Ingredients for Change Campaign (IFC Campaign)  uses the Food Inc. movie as a platform to help the American public see what really goes into their foods,  from seed to supermarket. Over at the Active Voice website there is a list of publicized movies that are/have collaborated with. With regards to Food Inc. they attached a planning toolkit and a community action guide  for organizing public hearings and events that have to due with the concerns of what we eat, where we eat and shop for food.

Basically Active Voice had made an entire portfolio and instructions with determining your goals/needs and how to achieve them in the most efficient and effective ways. This pertains not just to Food Inc. but with every grass root org. they take on.

Please visit Active Voice and discover something you may not have thought mattered to you. You will be surprised what impacts your everyday life. And be sure to check out Food Inc. if you have not already, because your health matters and knowledge is power.

Anton Marini | visual artist

I was just reading up on Create Digital Motion and they recently posted an interview with a highly known visual artist, Anton Marini. Marini has been doing visual art for some years now and has a very big part in the open source / visual community. He uses multiple programs to create stunning pixelated videos.

Truly inspiring. It is great to read up on other visual artists and their expressions on the whole idea/community of art through videos. He talks about different open source free programs that are out there that many people use to create wonders. The only thing is it is very time consuming, like all great things. But at the same time, very rewarding when the final product is done. I definitely recommend checking out his other videos as well.


Another one of my favorite websites/zines to follow is Juxtapoz Magazine.

They feature some of the most amazing and unique art from upcoming artists from around the world.

The thing I love most about Juxtapoz is how they search the world for different artists. You never know what you may find in places that you wouldn’t normally visit.

Here is an example from one of their latest featured artists who reside in Mexico City.

When you think of art coming out of Mexico, for me personally, I think of Day of the Dead figurines and dolls painted with skulls.

Minoz and Meiz are two graffiti artists who have been doing their thing since the age of 14. They started out painting pictures of themselves and then branched off into more larger scales and trying to figure out what they were not seeing in Mexico City in regards to art.

***photographs taken by M. Revelli

It is cool for me being of Mexican descent to see artist emerge from their countries and have other people from around the world notice them and blog about them!

Rock on guys!

Glitch ‘N Grind |

I have been following this awesome website called CreateDigitalMotion for about 4 years now.

If you ever have any wild ideas in regards to music creation, video experiments, or anything combining the two or more mediums, you need to be following this website.

They have a wide variety of followers and artists that are features on a regular basis. They cover a wide range of video installations, to iOS software for your phone that can control different modules or computers, SO MUCH STUFF

If ou are a video geek like me, get on it.

For the last couple of years I have been working on my own solo video projects and trying to get myself out in San Francisco as a video artist.

Here is one of my earlier pieces:

And with websites like createdigitalmotion, it is truly inspiring to see the different things people are creating on their own.

The latest blog posting they had was pretty neat and I wanted to share it.

It is about a guy named Juergen Koppmann who is a Vienna based digital media artist. He created a video box that inputs video feed and outputs it with controllable glitch buttons. Check it out.