PROCATINATOR | One of the most genius websites created lately.

Aggregated this from a friend off Facebook……I warn you now, it is kind of addicting.

I love seeing websites that are extremely simple, but give so much joy to the user.






Bat Sleeper || Dario Argento V.s. Michael Patrick Perez

Here is a nice little creeper piece I did about a year ago. I exhibited this piece over at the Oakland Underground FIlm Festival for the Salon they had. It is a rendition of Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA set to my editing and music I was recording back in the day when I had the space to record at home, hence the low-fi sound quality.

You can view my other works under the ART tab or over at my vimeo profile.

HELLERRRRRRR? Is this thing on?

So the last few months have been an insanely crazy roller coaster of a ride with life, the future and most importantly, love!

Since I am starting my senior film within the next couple of months, I will be using this blog/website mostly for promotion, feedback, scouting creativity, etc…


I have also promised myself to start making more art videos and installations for me and you!



Cross-Process Images | CreateDigitalMotion

So yet again I have found another awesome blog entry from CreateDigitalMotion on the same type of glitchy video art I oh so love.

This time around it involved a classroom type of clinic where they did a workshop titled “Video Cross Processing”, which is inspired by old school type of chemical processing, but digital.


What they did was record old school cathode ray tube television sets with filters which in turn sent the camera haywire with the data it was trying to process.

I have done a few experiments with my iSight camera on my iMac VS some really cool apps on my iPhone. Essentially you can trick out your iSight and create really awesome videos by overprocessing the camera with information it doesn’t recognize.

LUSH Handmade Cosmetics + Freedom to Marry

You may or may not know about what I do other than spend my nights online and going to school. I work for an awesome AWESOME company called LUSH. We sell handmade cosmetics made from all natural products we collect from around the world.


LUSH is known for not testing on animals, and their amazing products rangin from bath items to skincare to haircare. LUSH also is always actively involved in environmental awareness campaigns and animal welfare awareness.

For the first time ever, LUSH is taking a bigger stance for the human race in the fight for marriage equality. LUSH is partnering up with the organization Freedom to Marry  which is leading  a campaign to overturn the disciminating Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). They are traveling the country educatiing people from state to state about why marraige matters to same-sex couples and their families.

There are currently 1138 rights denied to same-sex couples.

I am writing this for a few reasons:

#1) I am so honored to be working for a company that believes in love for everyone and anyone, regardless of sexual orientation/preference. LOVE IS LOVE PEOPLE!!!!

#2) On Saturday June 18th at 11:38 am at LUSH srores across North America, we are asking couple to come out and kiss in support of marriage equality and signing postcards telling the government to end the discrimination against same-sex couples.

#3) We are also going to be selling a limited edition bubble bar called Freedom Foamer in which all proceeds will be going to Freedom to Marry and help them with their campaign costs.

So…….your job now…… Come on down to a LUSH near you to show your support by signing our postcards…and take a flier for our Kiss & Tell event which is this coming Saturday June 18th 2011. Visit me at LUSH 240 Powell St. San Francisco CA

Xavier Dolan || “HEARTBEATS”

If you don’t know Xavier Dolan then  you should, especially if you are in the film industry. At age 22, Dolan already has two major films that have premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2009 with his film I Killed My Mother and in 2010 with his latest feature Heartbeats

Dolan started out as a child actor and soon built his own ladder to climb with his two recent films as the writer, directer and lead actor.

Dolan has more than just a unique way of storytelling. He makes it very personal and deep with subject matters relating to being gay and queer culture. The portrayal of such characters especially in his latest film  Heartbeats, involves himself, his best friend and a new lover that makes the three of them a triangle of a hot mess, or is it all in his head?

His stories are great but the visuals take them to a different level of experiencing something different and fresh. Yes! The first time I saw Heartbeats I left the theatre with a feeling of freshness. I felt as if I had been the first person, among others who were there as well, discovering a gem of a movie that kept me in a euphoric love trance.

The cinematography is stunningly beautiful and very “French”; long shots, well composed, as if you were watching a play about life taking place right in front of your eyes (which is what I love the most about movies and especially this one)!

The use of colour palettes throughout give off a very euro feel on top of the wardrobes and set designs, so your visuals senses are heightened to a different type of pleasure.

Comments encouraged if you have seen any of Dolan’s films!

The movie is released on DVD this summer. You can pre-order it via Amazon which I highly recommend.