Hillary Rodham Clinton | LGBT Rights

I just finished watching the recent speech that Hillary Rodham Clinton gave in Geneva to the United Nations.

This has to be one of the most inspiring speeches, not just about LGBT rights, but the realization that “gay rights are  human rights, and human rights are gay rights.” as Clinton states in her address.

We have come a long way, not just as  The United States of America, but as a global community who’s understanding that my rights are your rights and your rights are mine.

We are reaching the dawn of a new generation where equality will surely be a fight of the past, and our children’s children will look back and think, “Oh my. I can’t believe the world was that way.” I know when I think about the Civil Rights Movement, it makes me absolutely disgusted that my own country would treat its own citizens that way. The same applies to the LGBT community of today.

It is disgusting that the rights of those people who teach us, care for us in the hospital, defend our supposed “freedom” here in this country, cannot live their lives the way they deserve to.

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PROCATINATOR | One of the most genius websites created lately.

Aggregated this from a friend off Facebook……I warn you now, it is kind of addicting.

I love seeing websites that are extremely simple, but give so much joy to the user.





Bat Sleeper || Dario Argento V.s. Michael Patrick Perez

Here is a nice little creeper piece I did about a year ago. I exhibited this piece over at the Oakland Underground FIlm Festival for the Salon they had. It is a rendition of Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA set to my editing and music I was recording back in the day when I had the space to record at home, hence the low-fi sound quality.

You can view my other works under the ART tab or over at my vimeo profile.

HELLERRRRRRR? Is this thing on?

So the last few months have been an insanely crazy roller coaster of a ride with life, the future and most importantly, love!

Since I am starting my senior film within the next couple of months, I will be using this blog/website mostly for promotion, feedback, scouting creativity, etc…


I have also promised myself to start making more art videos and installations for me and you!