Xavier Dolan || “HEARTBEATS”

If you don’t know Xavier Dolan then  you should, especially if you are in the film industry. At age 22, Dolan already has two major films that have premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2009 with his film I Killed My Mother and in 2010 with his latest feature Heartbeats

Dolan started out as a child actor and soon built his own ladder to climb with his two recent films as the writer, directer and lead actor.

Dolan has more than just a unique way of storytelling. He makes it very personal and deep with subject matters relating to being gay and queer culture. The portrayal of such characters especially in his latest film  Heartbeats, involves himself, his best friend and a new lover that makes the three of them a triangle of a hot mess, or is it all in his head?

His stories are great but the visuals take them to a different level of experiencing something different and fresh. Yes! The first time I saw Heartbeats I left the theatre with a feeling of freshness. I felt as if I had been the first person, among others who were there as well, discovering a gem of a movie that kept me in a euphoric love trance.

The cinematography is stunningly beautiful and very “French”; long shots, well composed, as if you were watching a play about life taking place right in front of your eyes (which is what I love the most about movies and especially this one)!

The use of colour palettes throughout give off a very euro feel on top of the wardrobes and set designs, so your visuals senses are heightened to a different type of pleasure.

Comments encouraged if you have seen any of Dolan’s films!

The movie is released on DVD this summer. You can pre-order it via Amazon which I highly recommend.


2 responses to “Xavier Dolan || “HEARTBEATS”

  1. oh my! how divine was the experience of being engulfed in the love triangle of “Heartbeats”. the painfully awkward feelings portrayed were very real. and the goddamn music for each scene in which the viewer is transported by the slow-motion third-person camera shadowing of the main characters was so elegant. i definitely want to check out his other movie!

  2. I haven’t had the chance to check out his first film that put him on the map which was I Killed My Mother. I do find him extremely inspiring with both his talents and that we are similar ages. But this movie is definitely one of my all time favourites.

    It is almost like a modern day French New Wave style, with the realness, long shots, and the fact that things just happen as they do in life.

    Dolan and Gregg Araki are two of my favourite directors mostly for their style and character portrayal.

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