Stallion Saturdays at REBEL | presented by Joshua J.

There is a new night in town. Stallion Saturdays over at Rebel (Hayes Valley) is presented by Joshua J. Let me just say how happy I am that I have found a new place where the music is great, the drinks are stiff, the people where having a great time, and the place was cracking until 4 am……4 AM PEOPLE!!!!!

Stallion happens every Saturday so if you missed out, haven’t heard about it yet, don’t worry. It is coming up again. It is a fairly new event from what I have heard. and from what I have seen, this is going to be the newq place to be on Saturdayt nights.

Reasons why I loved it:
1) It was like being in the Castro, but not in the Castro. I love the seclusion from all the drunken crowds and busy nightlife. It is like it’s own little gay world of party!

2) $5 before 11pm and $8 after. I will just say. I would rather shell out the $8 over at Stallion any day, than pay $8 over at Trigger where it is too crowded and the floor smells like vomit.

3) No line. I didn’t have to wait in a long ass line to get in. There was plenty of room inside. Coat check for $2. There isn’t a smoking patio, but getting in and out was no problem. Security was also very nice.

4)The music. The music was semi-dub step but still really fun and super loud.

Complaints but not really complaints:

1) the go go dancers are what they are. But it seemed like when I got there, no one was dancing because they were too busy watching the dancers eat each others asshole out. Im all game for a raunchy show. But I cam to dance. Eventually people started to dance and never mind the dancers who soon crawled to the dance floor off the stage.

2) The security guards got into an argument about god knows what, and while they were busy fighting, people where just walking right in. Rebel seems like a classy joint, so lets keep it classy.

Here is an older flier.

Aaaawe look….its ya boi boi DJ Haute Toddy who played on April 2nd. Love it!

Definitely check this place out before you’re the last to find out! Next Stallion will be with a special late night set and Juanita More!


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