My mother who is in her mid 50’s just recently had her retina detached for the second time. For those who don’t know what that is or have never heard of such a thing, it is basically when the retina starts to peel off the eyeball. Sounds gross right?

My mother was noticing splotches in her vision a couple weeks ago and knew something was wrong. When she had her eyes checked out in an emergency doctors visit, the splotches turned out to be blood build up which was resulting from the retina detaching.

Retina detachment can ultimately lead to blindness if the situation isn’t taken care of right away. My mother had surgery the following Tuesday. She wasn’t put to sleep during the surgery which helped her recover quickly.

I went to visit her on Thursday night of last week to take care of her and get her groceries if she needed. I will say, her eyeball was pretty gross.

She’s doing well now which is great. She is said to be out of work for a few months which is bad news.

links about detachment surgery:

retinal detachment surgery


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